Classic Series

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The Dedolight DLOBA² incorporates a modified double aspheric optical system.nnThe wide focusing range covers a 70° angle for even edge–to–edge lighting with the widest zoom lenses, yet allows a narrow beam of 6° for far reach (1:10).nnThe DLOBA² may be mounted directly to a film or video camera by the screw and shoe mount that is provided. The software driven miniature electronics regulate lamp voltage to 12 V DC and may be used with batteries up to 21 V DC.

  • Flip up diffuser for close–up interviewsn*Flip down dichroic daylight conversion filtern*Full electronic dimming with no energy lossn*Low voltage switch off to protect batteries from deep dischargen*Adjustable support arm allows positioning above forward and off axis of camera

Power Supplies

This light head works with following Power Supplies:


This light head works with following Mountings: