Studio Series // Studio Séria

Studio LED panel BASE LITE 200


The new Aladdin BASE-LITE is a soft, high CRI LED light with a rugged hard shell that offers many functions and possibilities.

With its powerful, variable bi-color light output, it is designed for both portable and studio applications.

The large face of the light provides soft lighting with clean reflections due to the evenly-distributed diffuser. For a brighter, more powerful light, the diffuser can be easily removed.

  • V-Mount or Gold Mount Power
  • Barndoor
  • Slim Design
  • Removable Diffusor

The BASE-LITE provides precision control of output — it is dimmable from 1–100% in fine steps. Similarly, the color temperature can be adjusted anywhere between 2900˚K and 6500˚K. Streamlined accessories are also available for the BASE-LITE, including barn doors and honeycomb grids.

The BASE-LITE comes in two output options: 100W and 200W. And since the BASE-LITE can be powered by batteries (V-Lock or Gold Mount), you won’t have any cables to contend with.

Technical Data: // Technické údaje:

  • Specifications
  • Photometrics

Light Source:Super high CRI Power LED's 200W
CRI:CRI 98 / TLCI 98
Color Temperature:2900°K - 6400°K
Beam Angle:140°
Dimmer:Dimming: (1% - 100%)
Cooling:Passive cooling
Dimmer Input:12V to 30V
Power Unit:90V -260V

60cm / 2ft1m / 3ft2m / 6ft3m / 9ftCRI
Daylight 6000°K14'000 lux5'500 lux1'700 lux840 lux99
BiColor 4200°K14'000 lux4'500 lux1'600 lux800 lux98
Daylight 3000°K11'000 lux5'500 lux1'300 lux700 lux98