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Studio LED panel BI-FOLD


The new BI-FOLD, which won Newsshooter’s Best Lighting Innovation Award at NAB 2016 this year, offers a new approach to soft LED lighting.

The BI-FOLD is similar in many ways to the BI-FLEX2 and 4 lights, but designed to withstand much more abuse.

Rather than being comprised of a single, flexible Panel, the BI-FOLD can be folded flat for positioning or transport.

1×1’ Individual waterproof (IP67) aluminum-cased panels are connected together to form either a 1×2’ or 1×4’ unit.

  • Light Source: Super high CRI Power LED’s ( 200W / 100W )
  • CRI: 98 / TLCI: 98
  • Color temperature: 2900K–6400K
  • Beam Angle: 140°
  • Dimmer: Dimming: (5%–100%)
  • Cooling: passive cooling
  • Dimmer: Input 12V to 30V
  • Power Unit: Automatic Voltage 90V–260V

Each Panel has an integrated diffuser to soften the light further, and uses the same Universal Dimmer/power supply as the BI-FLEX2 and 4 Kits, allowing you to power a BI-FOLD2 or 4 Kit via a Gold Mount or V-Lock battery. 

One of the main advantages of the BI-FOLD is that you can create a two-person interview with just one light simply by folding the Panels flat so that soft light is projected in either direction. With the BI-FOLD4 Kit, you effectively have a 1×4’ light panel that folds down to a 1×1’ case!

As you might imagine, the modular nature of this light will raise the bar on both location and studio light approaches everywhere.

Technical Data: // Technické údaje:

  • Photometrics

Daylight 6000K9600 lux4800 lux1500 lux740 lux99
BiColor 4200K9600 lux4800 lux1500 lux740 lux98
Tungsten 3000K6300 lux3400 lux1100 lux560 lux98