Flexible Series // Flexibilná Séria

flexible Bi-Color LED panel BI-FLEX1

The BI-FLEX1 is the first flexible Bi-Color LED panel for professional use in television, movie and photographic production with an outstanding light quality and a CRI and TLCI over 97.
  • 2900K to 6400K
  • Flexible
  • Dimming 5% - 100%
  • CRI over 97
The BI-FLEX1 is the cinematographer’s choice for a small, lightweight and powerful lighting tool for many applications like: portable interview light or to hide in narrow spaces like elevators, cars or even inside objects for product photography.
The BI-FLEX1 runs from main power supply or battery. The BI-FLEX1 comes with a dimmer and a mount for 16mm studs, to mount it onto your stands or clamps and it has on each corner a velcro enabling you to put it where ever you like, for instance to upgrade your old halogen softbox to LED. The BI-FLEX1 is a flexible panel light 30x30cm and less than 5mm thick.
  • Velcro on 4 Corner with ring
  • Power Unit- Automatic Voltage 100 to 240V
  • Waterproof (Splash and Rain) ((1))
  • Flickerfree

((1)) Not for scuba diving but for aquarium,pool ect no problemm be carefull to protect the Dimmer and the Power unit because this are not Waterproof and AC voltage

Technical Data: // Technické údaje:

  • Specifications
  • Photometrics

Light Source:Super high CRI Power LED’s (50W) CRI 97 / TLCI 97
Beam Angle:140°
Cooling:passive cooling
Input:AC/DC 12v to 15 Volt Or 90-240V
Dimension:300 x 300 x 5mm

Aladin Bi-Flex 1 | 50W
60cm/2ft1m/3ft 2m/6ft3m/9ftCRI
Daylight 6000K4200lux 1600lux450lux210lux98
BiColor 4200K4600lux 1700lux 500lux230lux97
Tungsten 3000K3400lux1200lux 340lux170lux 97