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Studio LED panel DESK-LITE


The DESK-LITE is a small, variable bi-color LED light source with an integrated lithium-ion battery, housed in lightweight, durable aluminum.

With the two knobs on the side you are able to dim and adjust the color temperature of the light.

The DESK-LITE is ideal for eliminating shadows underneath the chin of your broadcast newscaster.

With the built-in adjustable foot, you can position the light at any angle.

The DESK-LITE also has a built-in (yet removable) diffuser to help soften the light, as well as an optional remote cable to turn the unit on and off.

Technical Data: // Technické údaje:

  • Specifications

Light Source:Super high CRI Power LED (20W)
Beam Angle:140°
Photometrics:540lux / 1m
Dimming:5% - 100%
Cooling:passive cooling
Dimensions:70mm x 270mm x 30mm