dedolight clamp
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classic mounting
The wide range of mounting accessories are an important part of the dedolight system. In feature films and documentaries, gaffers often need to mount dedolight heads in concealed positions so that the camera’s view is neither obscured nor restricted by lighting stands or obtrusive mounting devices. Compact size is a significant benefit of the dedolight system. The dedolight uses an industry standard 16 mm (5/8 ” ) mounting socket and can be rotated 360°, allowing the head to be suspended upside down.

CLAMP1 dedolight clamp
The dedolight clamp attaches securely to stands, pipes, shelves, etc. up to 4.8 cm (1 – 7/8 ” ) diameter. It is fitted with a 16 mm (5/8 “) stud that pivots and locks in two positions.
Weight: 147 g (5.2 oz.)